Interpreting the EU MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC: An Interview with Ian Fraser
This article was originally published on Check out the interview that Han Zuyderwijk of and I did with Ian Fraser, former Policy Officer at the European Commission responsible for the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), and Team Leader about questions related to the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). During the interview, we discuss: the regulatory developments in the directive […]
CE Marking is hard enough, and the rules change frequently. Give Google a rest. We have him: the man who wrote the Machinery Directive. If he can’t answer your question, surely Google won’t. On 17 April 2014, at 11:00 EDT, 10:00 CT, 9:00 MDT, 8:00 PDT, [16.00 CET] CEMarking.Net and will be interviewing Ian […]
CSA Z432 Safeguarding of Machinery — 3rd Edition
If you build machinery for the Canadian market, or if you modify equipment in Canadian workplaces, you will be familiar with CSA Z432, Safeguarding of Machinery. This standard has been around since 1992, with the last major revision published in 2004. CSA has reconvened the Technical Committee responsible for this important standard to revise the […]

Let’s work together to create Safer Workplaces

Creating a safer workplace doesn't happen by accident

Compliance InSight Risk Assessment ServicesWe specialize in risk assessment and safety controls for machinery.  We help machinery users assess the risks from machinery in their workplaces.  We help machine builders assess the risks presented by the machines they build.  Compliance InSight Consulting provides you with the guidance you need to reduce those risks, making your equipment safer without sacrificing productivity - while partnering with you to make this goal achievable and affordable.

Let’s face it, keeping up with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and standards can be a confusing and challenging task, even more so if you work in multiple markets.  It is often difficult to know where to begin.  We help you navigate your way through this maze of legislation, regulation and over-complication.

We bring sound judgement, strengthened by more than a decade of experience to the analysis of machine guarding, including design of safety related controls, and reliability analysis under CSA, ANSI and ISO rules - right up to the latest edition of ISO 13849‑1.

Compliance InSight has the Industrial Machinery Safety Expertise you need!We've tested hundreds of light curtain, safety mat and two-hand control installations on power presses, transfer machines, robotic assembly cells, and many other applications. We've seen these installations done well and we've seen the many ways they can go wrong.

Risk assessment is a primary tool - or should be - for machine designers. Using risk assessment in your design process gives you better control over the design of safety systems, provides you with sound data for making safety related decisions, and gives you solid evidence of due diligence when you need it. If risk assessment is new to you, we can help. We provide risk assessments as well as training services so that you can continue to assess risk with your own team in the future.

Lasers are one of the 20th Century's great inventions. There are thousands in use in industrial workplaces around the world, from picowatt lasers used for telecommunications, to multi-kilowatt cutting lasers. If you use lasers in your workplace, laser hazard assessments are a must. If you build machinery that incorporates lasers, understanding the hazards is critical to proper safeguarding for your employees and your customers. We can provide you with laser hazard analysis under US, Canadian, and International standards using ANSI Z136.1, CAN/CSA/IEC E60825-1 and IEC 60825-1. We can evaluate the safety of lasers integrated into manufacturing systems under ANSI B11.21.

Our goal is the same as yours - creating safer workplaces for everyone. Putting safety first means we can ALL go home to be with the ones we love.

Leadership and Innovation in Industrial Safety Consulting and Training

Compliance InSight Consulting provides proven technical expertise in risk assessment, machinery safety consulting (under Canadian and US standards), laser hazard analysis, control of hazardous energy (lockout), and CE Marking for the European Union.

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