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Risk Scoring Systems -An INterview with Tom Doyle

One of the key tools in carrying out a risk assessment is the scoring system used. There are lots of systems out there, so how do you choose one for your project? What about risk assessment and risk management software systems? Tom Doyle , President of Industrial Safety Integration joins Doug to discuss these important issues.

The basic tool used in risk assessment is the scoring system. These systems range in complexity from very simple two variable methods that consider only severity and aggregate probability to much more sophisticated systems with four or more variables. Scaling is also widely variable, with as few as two choices to as many fifteen choices for each variable. There are also purely mathematical models that use probability calculations to determine risk levels. How do you choose a system? How fine do the scales need to be to give you results that make sense?

Tom Doyle , President of Industrial Safety Integration, a Canadian manufacturer of Risk Management software joins Doug to discuss these issues. For more information on Industrial Safety Integration and the CIRSMA risk assessment software system, contact Tom Doyle directly +1 (519) 848-6235.

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In our next episode, we'll delve deeper into Hazard Identification, the first step in risk analysis.