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Laser Safety with Johnny Jones

Doug interviews Johnny Jones of Laser Professionals Inc. about current trends in research and industrial laser safety and hazard analysis. Johnny discusses the Laser Safety Officer Training Courses provided by Laser Professionals inc., including the course being held in Toronto, Ontario in conjunction with QPS Evaluation Services inc.

Show Notes (Run Time 17:51)
0:00 Intro
3:28 Interview with Johnny Jones
4:00 Johnny builds his first laser
4:25 Becoming a Laser Safety Officer
5:30 Current activities - Laser Professionals Inc. and Laser Safety Training
6:04 Today's Challenges
6:17 Laser Safety Standards
6:33 Adequate Personnel Training
6:48 Standards Harmonization between North America and the rest of the world.
8:41 Coming Challenges - Fibre lasers and femtosecond lasers
9:38 Laser Training Courses by Laser Professionals Inc., , QPS Evaluation Services Inc.,
12:23 Certified Laser Safety Officer designation, Board of Laser Safety,
14:13 FREE College and University Laser Training Materials
15:14 FREE Web-based Laser Hazard Analysis Tool
15:36 Contacting Johnny

Canadian Training starts on 18-June-2007. Contact QPS Evaluation Services Inc . for more information. (416) 241-8857, (877) 746-4777

Johnny Jones,
Laser Professionals Inc.
PO Box 1080,
Los Alamos NM 87544

(505) 662-5782
(888) 795-2737 (US Only)