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Confidentiality Policy

Policy Number 11.5, Revision 2, 24-Nov-08Adobe Acrobat

Approved by: Doug Nix


Compliance InSight Consulting (CIC) is in the business of reviewing the design of client owned equipment. This activity frequently requires that clients provide access to proprietary information in the form of design drawings, bills of materials, software, manuals, procedures, etc. Our ability to carry out our work is based on establishing a culture of trust with our clients. Maintaining that trust is paramount to our continued operation, and as such we place the highest importance on respecting that trust and maintaining our corporate trustworthiness. This policy is the basis for that trust.

Customer information in any form will be kept confidential except where required by law, or where we have specific authorization in writing permitting the release of that information.


This policy applies to all client information, products and materials except where those materials are freely and publicly available through any means including published literature, the media, the Internet, etc. This policy also extends to information gathered by CIC in the course of conducting business, including photos, video, recordings, test results, field notes, etc.


All CIC directors, employees and subcontractors are responsible for following and maintaining this policy.


CIC recognizes that all CIC clients have a reasonable expectation that any information provided for any purpose to CIC will be kept confidential and used exclusively for the purposes for which it was provided to CIC.

Therefore, it is CIC policy to keep client information, products and materials confidential unless release of that information is authorized in writing by the owner of the information,or where release is required by law.

CIC is prepared to make any non-disclosure agreements as may be desired by our clients as long as the agreements do not unduly limit CIC’s ability to conduct its business. CIC will not knowingly make any agreements that violate Canadian Federal laws or Provincial laws where they apply. Where any agreement is shown to be in violation of Canadian laws, the agreement will be considered null and void.


All directors, employees and subcontractors are required to sign non-disclosure agreements supporting this policy.

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