Design Methodology and The Myth of Common Sense — Episode V1N2

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Design methodology and the Myth of Common Sense


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00:00What’s on this episode? 
1:34Design Method­ol­o­gy

The Risk Reduc­tion Hier­ar­chy: Eliminate/Substitute, Safe­guard, Warn, Train, PPE
Dis­cussing the effec­tive­ness of each step in reduc­ing risk.
EN 292–1 (obso­lete), EN 292–2 (obso­lete), ISO 12100–1 (obso­lete), ISO 12100–2 (obso­lete), CSA Z432
EN 292 and ISO 12100–1/-2 were replaced by EN ISO 12100:2010 and ISO 12100:2010.
5:23Haz­ard Based Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing approach to risk reduction 
7:45Haz­ard Warn­ing LabelsANSI Z535 fam­i­ly, ISO 3864, ISO 7000
10:45CSA Z321 – Not a prod­uct labelling standard!CSA Z321 This stan­dard has been with­drawn by CSA.
11:30ANSI Z535.6 – Haz­ard warn­ings in user documentation. 
12:30Why do Risk Assess­ments on your prod­uct? Advan­tages and Disadvantages 
19:05The Myth of Com­mon Sense! Kitchen knives, laser cut­ters and why com­mon sense isn’t so common. 
21:37The Angle Grinder Case 
24:00Is the prod­uct Safe Enough? US OSHA, Ontario OHSA & Ontario Reg­u­la­tion 851. 

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In the next episode, we’ll be dis­cussing Risk Scor­ing Sys­tems with Tom Doyle of Indus­tri­al Safe­ty Inte­gra­tion.