Laser Safety with Johnny Jones — V2N4

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Lasers have become ubiq­ui­tous since their inven­tion, bring­ing relat­ed safe­ty haz­ards with them. Laser safe­ty is cov­ered in a few stan­dards, includ­ing ANSI Z136.1, CSA E60825‑1 and IEC 60825–1. Laser safe­ty train­ing is avail­able from a few sources. In this episode, Doug talks to John­ny Jones of Laser Pro­fes­sion­als about this impor­tant topic.


Doug inter­views John­ny Jones of Laser Pro­fes­sion­als Inc. (now Ken­tek) about cur­rent trends in research and indus­tri­al laser safe­ty and haz­ard analy­sis. John­ny dis­cuss­es the Laser Safe­ty Offi­cer Train­ing Cours­es pro­vid­ed by Laser Pro­fes­sion­als inc., includ­ing the course being held in Toron­to, Ontario in con­junc­tion with QPS Eval­u­a­tion Ser­vices inc.

Show Notes (Run Time 17:51)
0:00 Intro
3:28 Inter­view with John­ny Jones
4:00 John­ny builds his first laser
4:25 Becom­ing a Laser Safe­ty Offi­cer
5:30 Cur­rent activ­i­ties — Laser Pro­fes­sion­als Inc. and Laser Safe­ty Train­ing
6:04 Today’s Chal­lenges
6:17 Laser Safe­ty Stan­dards
6:33 Ade­quate Per­son­nel Train­ing
6:48 Stan­dards Har­mo­niza­tion between North Amer­i­ca and the rest of the world.
8:41 Com­ing Chal­lenges — Fibre lasers and fem­tosec­ond lasers
9:38 Laser Train­ing Cours­es by Laser Pro­fes­sion­als Inc. (now Ken­tek), , QPS Eval­u­a­tion Ser­vices Inc.,
12:23 Cer­ti­fied Laser Safe­ty Offi­cer des­ig­na­tion, Board of Laser Safe­ty,
14:13 FREE Col­lege and Uni­ver­si­ty Laser Train­ing Mate­ri­als
15:14 FREE Web-based Laser Haz­ard Analy­sis Tool
15:36 Con­tact­ing Johnny

Cana­di­an Train­ing starts on 18-June-2007. Con­tact QPS Eval­u­a­tion Ser­vices Inc . for more infor­ma­tion. (416) 241‑8857, (877) 746‑4777

John­ny Jones,
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(505) 662‑5782
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