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V1N1–Who is the Safety Guy? What is Safety Engineering?

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TimeTop­icRelat­ed Links
00:00What’s on the show today? 
00:51Intro­duc­ing the Safe­ty Guy.
- Why both­er to pod­cast on machin­ery safety?
1:46The Safe­ty Guy’s philosophy 
3:41What’s in the rest of the episode?
- Intro­duc­ing IEEE’s Prod­uct Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing Soci­ety
- New Machin­ery Safe­ty Web­site
- Haz­ard Based Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing Mod­el
- Basic Design Methodologies
4:41The Need for Edu­ca­tion in Safe­ty-based Design 
8:33Resources for Self-EducationCom­pli­ance Engi­neer­ing Mag­a­zine,
Com­pli­ance Mag­a­zine,
Con­for­mi­ty Mag­a­zine,
IEEE Prod­uct Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing Soci­ety (PSES),
IEEE EMC Prod­uct Safe­ty Tech­ni­cal Com­mit­tee (EMC-PSTC),
IEEE EMC-PSTC List Serv­er,
IEEE Elec­tri­cal Safe­ty Forum,
IEEE PSES Sym­po­sium,
11:10The basics of safe­ty engineering 
11:26UL University’s Haz­ard Based Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing (HBSE) SeminarHaz­ard Based Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing Sem­i­nar,
11:35The HBSE Model 
17:50Con­trol Measures 
18:18Risk Assess­ment and the Ford Pin­to Case 
20:40The pop­u­lar­iza­tion of Risk Assess­ment: EN 1050 (aka ISO 14121) and the con­cepts of Pre­lim­i­nary Haz­ard Analy­sis (PHA) 
21:45Risk Scor­ing based on EN 954–1 Annex A (aka ISO 13849–1) 
22:45Bruce W. Main – Design Safe­ty Engi­neer­ing, Tom Doyle – Indus­tri­al Safe­ty IntegrationIndus­tri­al Safe­ty Integration
23:06ANSI B11.19 Stan­dard, ANSI/RIA 15.06 Stan­dard, CSA Z434 Standard 
23:40Why don’t more machine builders do risk assessments? 
24:43Oth­er meth­ods – FMEA, FTA 
25:30Bruce Main’s textbookRisk Assess­ment Basics and Bench­marks. Read the review in IEEE Xplore before you buy.

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In the next episode, we’ll be dis­cussing safe­ty-based design method­ol­o­gy and we’ll get deep­er into risk assessment.