Compliance inSight Consulting Inc.
, Compliance inSight Consulting Inc.

We work with engi­neer­ing firms to pro­vide ser­vices like Ontar­i­o’s Pre-Start Health and Safe­ty Reviews, struc­tur­al engi­neer­ing reviews, and elec­tro­mag­net­ic com­pli­ance test­ing and problem-solving.

Mena Engineering

Mr. Farid Danial, P.Eng., Principal

1487 Pick­wick Dri­ve,
Mis­sis­sauga, Ontario L5V 1V7

mobile: +1 (647) 355‑8488

email: [email protected]


Indagate Engineering

Mr. Adri­an Kas­jak, P.Eng., Prin­ci­pal
4 Longview Dri­ve
Brad­ford ON L3Z 2H1

mobile: +1 (416) 556‑1322

email: [email protected]

MTE Consultants Inc.

Mr. Paul Slater, P.Eng.
Man­ag­er, Struc­tur­al Engi­neer­ing
520 Binge­mans Cen­tre Dri­ve
Kitch­en­er ON N2B 3X9

phone: +1 (519) 743‑6500

email: [email protected]


Waterloo EMC Services

Mr. John Mow­bray, P.Eng., Principal

phone: +1 (519) 581‑7170

email: [email protected]