Get Smart — Get Trained

Trainer at a whiteboard working with a class of students.

You nev­er learned any­thing about Inher­ent­ly Safe Design in school (or at least, you don’t think you did.) You can fix that by get­ting train­ing from our experts!

Engi­neers, tech­nol­o­gists, and tech­ni­cians learn the tech­ni­cal aspects of their fields in school, except for safe­ty. You may have learned to wear your safe­ty glass­es and boots on the shop floor, but your teach­ers did­n’t teach you what you need to know about build­ing safe prod­ucts in the first place. For many, safe­ty engi­neer­ing is an art that isn’t taught, and find­ing a good men­tor can be hard. We solve that problem!

We offer focused online train­ing, sem­i­nars and work­shops covering:

Graphic showing a stack of red cubes showing the letters R-I-S-K starting at the top of the stack, and surrounded by a circle of blue human figures.

Learn what you need to know now. We have Open Enrol­ment Class­es and Pri­vate Train­ing Events avail­able to get your ques­tions answered.